How to be on Mira Duma’s instagram?!


Hey you!

When I came back to France after London Fashion Week, one of my friend called me to tell me I was on the Mira Duma’s Instagram! I didn’t understood at the beginning, insofar as I hadn’t post anything yet about her… (and above all I had no Instagram!!! Crazy de Beeeer I know!) And then she explained me that I was on the picture… Still didn’t understood bc my look was useless(Seriously, how can you look stylouuuse in February!?) Anf finally I had a big laugh when I saw myself on my knees trying to get THE cliché! So now with the 3rd pic, my dear teasing friend will better understand why I look like to shoot the pole!

PS: Love her, not only bc she Instagram me, but also bc she’s as small as me!! (Generally, I love all people under 1.605m)

PS 2: photo Instagram

PS 3: Since now I’m an instagram addict, don’t hesitate to follow me! 

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